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The Bridge:

Traffic Statistics 2008

Last updated on 11 Feb 2013

Traffic figures are reported using data from the bridge’s Weigh in Motion (WiM) station.The WiM station was originally installed to monitor loading on the bridge. Plates in the carriageway capture and record the number and weight of vehicles as they drive over a sensor. Overall counting accuracy is comparable with other traffic counting loops on the road network. However, some very light vehicles may not be detected, and figures can be skewed during roadworks, as traffic in some contraflow layouts does not drive over the WiM station in one direction.

2008 Traffic - Forth Road Bridge

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Month Northbound Southbound Total
January 867,117  907,388 1,774,505
February 938,857  967,979 1,906,836
March 1,032,677 1,059,805 2,092,482 
April 313,130* 319,540* 632,670* 


566,712* 1,108,815*
June 1,048,268† 725,411† 1773,679†
July 1.102,203† 993,458† 2095,661†
August 1,108,691
September 843,589** 862,446**
October 1,054,131 
November 963,891†† 1,000,165†† 1964,056††
December 948,067 
977,666 1,925,733
Total 10,762,724 10,645,639  21,408,363

* NOTE: No traffic figures could be recorded between 10 April and 15 May due to toll plaza roadworks.
NOTE: No record of traffic in one lane southbound from 11 June to 8 July due to technical fault.
**NOTE:  Fault on WIM plate between 21 September and 30 September not all Traffic was recorded.
††NOTE:  Partial data recorded on 16th & 17th due to essential maintenance on WIM Plate.

The Bridge:

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