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The Need For Roadworks

Last updated on 26 Oct 2009

Why the need for minor roadworks?

The Forth Road Bridge is over 45 years old and is now carrying more load than it was designed for. In order to keep the bridge available to you we need to carry out regular maintenance of a routine nature. This work can include weld repairs to the steelwork below the road level and repairs to the road surfacing and expansion joints. Where practical these “routine” repairs are undertaken overnight when the traffic volume is low and delays are minimised. These works continue throughout the year. 

Why the need for major roadworks?

In addition to routine maintenance, major works are also required some of which by their very nature must be carried out during daylight hours. Where practical these major works are restricted to weekends and kept to a minimum. Such works can be sensitive to weather conditions and other operational difficulties and hence subject to last minute change. Significant changes to planned works will be notified as soon as possible.


The Bridge:

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  • Roadworks - Contraflow on bridge (04:57 BST 24/05/15)